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Based on the comic book series. Outcasts from society, the X-Men are a small band of mutants, so called because each was born with a unique genetic mutation that gives them superhuman powers. As the X-Men have learned to harness their special abilities for the greater good, they have also realised that the human race they fight to protect both rejects and fears their presence. Battling against prejudice and agents of intolerance, the X-Men will either establish a peaceful co-existence between mutants and mankind, or perish.. Now, the team come across a dangerously wild mutant named 'Wolverine' - a creature whose bones have been fused with the world's hardest substance - admantium, making him almost invulnerable. Together they must train the new recruit and assimilate him into their ranks. But is it possible? No-one knows of his origins, and most of his memories are found to be implanted by someone. Will he bring about their downfall? Worse still, a new mutant appears - Magneto, a powerful being who can control the magnetic and gravitational forces of the Earth and plans to kill of the normal humans for the contempt they have shown his kind. Can he be stopped in time?

Images copyrighted

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Patrick Stewart - Professor X
Sir Ian McKellan - Magneto
Famke Janssen - Jean Grey
James Marsden - Cyclops
Hugh Jackman - Wolverine
Taylor Mane - Sabretooth
Anna Paquin - Rogue
Halle Berry - Storm
Rebecca Romjin - Mystique
Bruce Davison - Senator Robert
Kelly Ray Park - Toad

X-Men Trailer and Screenshots

Download the small trailer 240x132 here.

Download the large trailer 320x176 here.


Tom DeSanto, executive producer/writer of the "X-Men" movie, said that changes were made from the characters' comic-book costumes to make the movie costumes more realistic. "It's the process of translating two-dimensional comic book images into real life and when you take the yellow-and-blue Wolverine costume and try to create that and put it on a man, it looks ridiculous. "What we've done is taken elements from the costume and made it real. It comes across as real. It looks like it's actually functional and not clowny in any way.

One of the things I love is the costumes, but when you try to put them in real life, it looks campy and it looks goofy. It undercuts the seriousness of the X-Men and the power of these characters to have them running around in yellow. It just doesn't work."

DeSanto was asked if it would it be safe to say the costumes are dark. "I would say more realistic; they're just more realistic," DeSanto said. "They're not bright, primary colors, no. That just doesn't work." He said the clothes have, "been the source of controversy, but we're all really happy with the costumes. It's the fact that when they're photographed properly and lit properly, they look really amazing."

From early accounts, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine will not wear a mask, but will have his trademark hair. "We had people from Marvel come in - people from the inner sanctum - and they got to see Hugh with the mutton chops and the hair and they're happy," DeSanto said. "I think, visually, it's the toughest character to translate the look of."


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