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Welcome to Merlin's Manifesto - 10/11/99

Merlin's Manifesto is updated every other Saturday with all of the latest news and information from upcoming Horror and Fantasy movies. The site also features monthly art galleries, book reviews, biographies, and interviews from all of your favorite artists and writers who are making their voices heard in the genre. This is purely my hobby, and I am not a profesional, so please have patience. And of course, suggestions and comments are welcome.

An In-depth Look at upcoming movies
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Production will begin this week on the long awaited Lord of the Rings Trilogy, directed by Peter Jackson. Filming is scheduled to start on October 11th in New Zealand, the site of numerous other Fantasy films in the past. The much talked about cast selection, plot, and special effects teams, have all been announced, leaving us now to watch and wait for their anticipated release.

Written by Oscar-nominated screenwriters Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh, with Philippa Boyens and Stephen Sinclair, this technically challenging production will assemble an international cast, utilize over 20,000 extras' days, employ a full crew of over 300 (including award-winning high profile technicians from both within and outside of New Zealand), and will feature 1200 state-of-the-art computer generated effects shots.
-From the official site

Get all of the details on this Fantasy classic turned motion picture by reading the press release, or by visiting the official site at .

The X-Men invade Canada
Filming for the upcoming Fox movie, The X-Men, is currently running full speed in Toronto, Canada. The story will center around Logan (Scott), a loner mutant whose bone structure contains a rare element known as adamantium. Seeking to harness the unique properties of adamantium, the villainous mutant Magento (McKellen) dispatches minions to capture Logan, but is thwarted by members of Professor Charles Xavier's (Stewart) rival mutant team the X-Men. Taken unwillingly into the X-Men's custody, Logan resists bonding with the harmonious good guy group. Meanwhile human-hating Magneto crafts a diabolical plot aimed not only at recapturing Logan, but at bringing the leaders of the world around to his way of seeing things ... in a rather uncomfortable fashion, of course. -Cinescape

The Cast: Dougray Scott as Logan/Wolverine - Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier - Ian McKellen as Magneto - James Marsden as Cyclops - Famke Janssen as Jean Grey - Halle Berry as Storm - Anna Paquin as Rogue - Bruce Davison as Senator Kelly - Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Mystique - Tyler Mane as Sabretooth - Ray Park as Toad

Rumors and Gossip
According to, Warner Bros. has obtained rights to reproduce the 1968 Roger Vadim sci-fi film BARBARELLA. Apparently negotiations are under way with Drew Barrymore for the lead role, Drew claims to have a certain affinity for the character and plans to stick closely to the comic book heroine the story is based on.

A new Silence of the Lambs film is beginning to look more and more realistic, as Anthony Hopkins has confirmed reports that he will be returning in the lead role once again. Still no word on Jodie Foster's return, but there is optimism that the original cast will be reunited for this long awaited film.

The ultra popular comic book Witchblade may be soon bound for television. The scantily clad warrior woman will be chopping her way through hordes of nasties on TNT, and with a 1 million dollar per episode budget, great things are being expected.

The special effets that earned Star Wars it's name, apparently will not be making an appearance in the upcoming Lord of the Rings project. A spokesman from Industrial Light and Magic, has dispelled these rumors saying that it is too large of a job, especially considering it will be filming at the same time as the next Star Wars.

IGN Movies reports that Darren Aronofsky, the man behind the great indie film "pi" is in talks to begin handling the movie adaptation of Aeon Flux, MTV's hit animated series. Touted as the closest America would ever come to Manga, Aeon Flux has a huge score of followers that should help make this a successful project.

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