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Merlin's Manifesto: 02.18.2000 Site Map    Search
Lots of big news for you guys this week, including the release of the greatly anticipated X-Men teaser. We've also got some news on the hugely popular Macfarlane Toys 2000 line up, and a quick teaser for the new Nick Park film, Chicken Run! I am still working on the art gallery which is actually going to be replaced by a desktop wallpaper archive, it's looking like it's gonna be a big section, so stay tuned for it's grand opening.
In Depth Look: X-Men Teaser Released

Rumors have been circulating that some of the head honchos over at Marvel were disappointed after an initial screening of the upcoming X-Men film. Alot of comic fans have been worried that the quality of the movie may forever tarnish the X name, and when the costume pictures began to circulate, fears escalated and alot of people condemned the characters appearances. Now fans everywhere are allowed a new peak at the movie through a recently released trailer from the official site, which showcases some of the effects used in the film.

The trailer features some very cool shots of the main team of the X-men, and I have to admit that they don't look half bad. There are a few fight scenes between Wolverine and Sabretooth, several interior shots of what appears to be the X-mansion, and boy does Mystique look good. I've always been partial to blue women though, ever since I was smitten by Smurfette in my early years. To see more images, and download the trailer, follow this link.

The Bookshelf: Obsidian Butterfly

Our Price: $21.95
Anita Blake, the tough, sexy vampire executioner, zombie animator, and police consultant for preternatural crimes in St. Louis, hunts monsters in New Mexico in the ninth book of Laurell K. Hamilton's excellent series. Edward, Anita's mentor in slaying, asks Anita to return the favor that she has owed him since she killed a backup he brought in to protect her. He needs Anita's preternatural expertise as well as her firepower. Something is skinning and mutilating a few of its chosen victims, and dismembering others. Edward has no idea what creature could be responsible for such heinous crimes. -read more.

Blockbuster Awards

The nominees for the sixth annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards have been announced to recognize genre actors and actresses in several different categories.

Favorite Actress, Horror - Patricia Arquette (Stigmata), Christina Ricci (Sleepy Hollow) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (The Haunting)

Favorite Actor, Horror - Gabriel Byrne (Stigmata), Johnny Depp (Sleepy Hollow) and Liam Neeson (The Haunting)

Favorite Supporting Actress, Horror - Famke Janssen (House on Haunted Hill), Miranda Richardson (Sleepy Hollow) and Lili Taylor (The Haunting)

Favorite Supporting Actor, Horror - Taye Diggs (House on Haunted Hill), Marc Pickering (Sleepy Hollow), Jonathan Pryce (Stigmata) and Owen Wilson (The Haunting)

Favorite Villain - Kenneth Branagh (Wild Wild West), Mike Myers (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me), Ray Park (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace), Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy), Hugo Weaving (The Matrix)

The winners will be announced in June on the Fox Network, but you can cast your vote now by visiting

Rumors and Gossip

Two new exciting trailers have just come out, they are Nick Park's Chicken Run, and The Ninth Gate starring Johnny Depp. Fans of Nick Park should definitely download this quick teaser, it is full of humorous scenes that bode well for the upcoming film.

Julianne Moore officially confirmed on "Access Hollywood" that she is indeed in negotiations for the role of Clarice Starling in "Hannibal", and was completely enthralled with the idea of doing it after reading the script. I am sure the studios are happy to have another big name actress sign on to play the highly demanding role, and it should only be a matter of time before the matter is made public.

For some, the greatest announcement of the year is the release of the next line of Macfarlane Toys, which has quickly grown to become the #1 adult toy (not the vibrating kind) producer in the country. Weather depicting such classics as Freddy, and Leatherface in his Movie Maniac series, or his life like renditions of music stars The Beatles, Macfarlane Toys has raised the bar for toy producers everywhere. Recently, the online version of the 2000 catalog has hit the web at, and I can already hear my shelves bending under the weight of my planned purchases. If you are already familiar with Macfarlane Toys, you are probably already at the site, and will never even read this, so for all of you who are still reading, we urge you to discover the latest way for you to spend your all of your money on hobbies, visit the site!

Jennifer Aniston is the leading name to be "Friends" with Spider Man in the upcoming film. Word has it that the studios are looking for someone not to tall, and not to pricey, meaning we probably will see her in the role of Peter Parker's longtime girlfriend Mary Jane.

If you're living in London, there's a chance you might see Brendan Fraser and the 'Mummy' clan hanging around for the next few months. The British Museum, which is located in central London, will be used as one of the film's major setpieces. All roles have been cast and every surviving member of the original's gang looks like they'll be back on board. Arnold Vosloo is getting all wrapped up in robes of Imhotep one more time and the original's director, Stephen Sommers, is also back on board. The sequel's plot, which takes place several years after the original, follows the removal of Imhotep's remains from Egypt and his resurrection in a London museum. Rick (Fraser) and Evie (Rachel Weisz), now married, are his main targets as he tries to take over England with thousands of new followers. The Mummy 2 is slated for release in 2001. -Diabolical Dominion

As we predicted, Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow has been nominated for three academy awards, in Art Direction, Cinematography, and Costume Design. This was the only horror film recognized at this years awards, and we wish him all the luck in the world.

The next Blair Witch Project film, currently working under the name Blair Redux, has begun filming around the Baltimore area. Don't expect to see the original town of Burkitsville in the film however, at a recent town meeting, the makers of the film were driven out by angry residents who did not like the bad publicity that the town received from the first film. The story centers around a group of teenagers who decide that the first Blair Witch film is real, and set out to find the truth. The group includes an amateur cinematographer who has come along to make his own Blair Witch the Truth film, a good witch who has come along to debunk myths about real witches, one girl who has psychic powers, and a girl who is obsessed with Heather Donahue who drags her boyfriend along. The group goes through similar frightening experiences, and eventually find the house that holds the truth to what truly happened.

There is finally an official Exorcist website, which has recently opened to promote the release of a special edition version of the original film featuring over 12 minutes of previously cut footage, including the famous spider walk. The site requires Flash, but it is packed with images, sounds, and even a cool game which allows you to communicate with the Demon Pazuzu.

The Tolkien Sewer got their hands on some pictures from the Helms Deep set, and wow do they look great. "Actors dressed in armour and waving swords could be seen marching on a set for Peter Jacksonís Lord of the Rings film project in a quarry below Haywards Hills early today. Filming on the set for the $360 million epic began last month. The fortress and castle-like structures are understood to represent Helmís Deep - - a fortified ravine in JRR Tolkienís classic trilogy. In his second book, The Two Towers, Helmís Deep is besieged by armies of creatures called orcs and men obedient to the wizard Saruman. "

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