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Merlin's Manifesto: 03.09.2000 Site Map    Search

Welcome to the latest issue of Merlin's Manifesto, your spot for the latest news and downloads for horror, science fiction, and fantasy entertainment. The desktop wallpaper section is now up, and we plan to double it's size by the next issue, so stop in and perk up your desktop. Looking for something in particular? Try our search engine, or our featured story archive.

In Depth Look: The Evil Dead Video Game

ASH GETS PIXELATED - Fans of the Evil Dead Trilogy have long been waiting for a fourth installment in the humorous story of Ash and his battle with minions from the Necronomicon. When asked about the possibility, both director Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell (Ash) remarked that it never would see the light of day , er sorry bad joke.

There is now a new project in the works that will finally give the fans what they want, the Evil Dead video game. Heavy Iron Studios, working with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi present a Resident Evil style game that takes Ash back to that cabin in the woods eight years after the fact, to once again battle the minions of the Necronomicon. We've got screen shots from the game, as well as an interview with the lead designer of the game, so rev up your chainsaw and click here.

The Bookshelf: Creepshow

Our Price: $15.96
More than just an adaptation of the Stephen King movie, this delightful, fun and creepy comic book is an even better homage to horror comics of the 1950s than the film. Gorgeous art by "master of the macabre" Bernie Wrightson (best known for his work on the illustrated Frankenstein) perfectly complements King's stories, "Father's Day," "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill," "The Crate," "Something to Tide You Over" and "They're Creeping up on You."

Weekly Gooey Chat
Join us each week on Monday nights from 10:00pm to 12:00am EST for a chat with the staff and other visitors using the Gooey chat client. This weeks topic will be the best zombie movie ever made, so stop by and let us hear your opinions. Simply visit this site with Gooey active and you can chat with everone else who is here at the same url.
Rumors and Gossip

If chicks with big lips and even bigger guns rescuing lost artifacts is your thing, then you may be excited to hear that Angela Jolie is in the final stages of negotiation to play the part of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movie. According to Variety, director Simon West(Con Air) and Paramount Pictures plan to bring the physically exaggerated super girl to the big screen in the near future

If I had to pick one big CGI project that was bound to be a huge success with fans and critics, it wouldn't be Dinosaur, and it wouldn't be Titan A.E., so what the hell am I talking about? The folks at Sony and Square have been hard at work digitally creating the world and characters of Final Fantasy and oh boy, it looks so good it hurts.. The official site is now up and running and it features 2 clips, as well as some additional behind the scenes info, definetly worth a bookmark.

The Venezuelan newspaper EL NACIONAL has revealed key elements to the plot of the upcoming Mummy 2 film. According to the story, the sequel takes place ten years after the first film in London, England. Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) have a son who is abducted by a resurrected Ancksunamum who believes the boy is the reincarnation of the Egyptian God Isis. Shooting is scheduled to begin in May 2000.

SFX Online has posted a recent interview with Dune mini-series executive producer Mitchell Galin. Asked about the upcoming TV special, Galin replied: "I think the thing I'm most proud of is the level that we are striving to attain. When you're dealing with a classic such as Dune, your challenge is to reach out and replicate the original in such a way that you are hopefully maintaining the same level in your respective venue. Compromises are always made when one is involved in making a film. You never have enough time or money, but we've taken these challenges head on and I think we're making a very special movie."

Not surprising to anyone is the announcement that the WB network has renewed it hugely successful Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's spin-off series Angel for another season. Joss Whedon and partner David Greenwalt expect to start turning out new Angel scripts this June, followed by a turn at Buffy's new season later this summer. Whedon says he plans to add more regular supporting characters to Angel, which scored highest of all the WB's new shows this season. "We're looking to build up the ensemble a little more," Whedon says, "but you'll see fewer stories that are peripheral to Angel. We initially saw 'Angel' as being more of a guardian for other characters, but we found the audience was much more emotionally invested in Angel, so we'll be staying closer to home and exploring his character."

American Psycho has received an R rating after changes were made to a scene depicting "a three-way sexual encounter between the film's star, Christian Bale, as Patrick Bateman and two prostitutes played by award-winning British actress Cara Seymour and Canadian actress Krista Sutton." In an official press release, Michael Paseornek, prez of Lions Gate Film Productions as well as executive producer of the film, says, "Though we were reluctant to make any changes to Mary's original cut of the film, we are pleased we were able to trim the scene only slightly yet still maintain its integrity."

You may have heard the infamous Jet Li/Boba Fett rumors already but according to CHUD, Li participated in a short Q&A session during a recent LA Sci-fi and Comic Book Convention where he addressed some of these rumors. When asked about the possibility of his taking on the Boba Fett role, Li is said to have announced that he had not been approached for the part though he would love to take on the role.

In a recent online chat, Jonathan Davis of kORN announced that he will be doing the music for Queen of the Damned, which is a sequel to Interview with the Vampire. "I'm doing a movie, a score for the new Anne Rice movie 'Queen of the Damned'. I'll be singing on it, and Munky and Head will be playing guitar, Sam Rivers from Limp Bizkit playing bass, and that's what we are doing right now."

A couple of new pictures have surfaced from the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons film which portrays various characters in the film. As always click on the thumb to see a larger image.

Dark Horizons got this tip on a forgotten biker-werewolf movie. "Bad Moon Rising" was supposed to be a hip werewolf/biker thriller to star Skeet Ulrich and Drew Barrymore, but, it was dropped dead in the water and Dimension found bigger and better things . . . until last week. Reports say that Ehren Kruger (who has just finished a polish on the latest "Hellraiser" film and some film entitled "Firewalker") has been tapped to re-write "Bad Moon Rising". Since Dimension gave Scream the swan song last month they are reportedly looking for a new franchise to satisfy the young horror audience. Drew Barrymore who is currently shooting Charlie's Angels is still heavily interested in the project as well.

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