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Welcome to Merlin's Manifesto - 10/20/99

Merlin's Manifesto is updated every other Saturday with all of the latest news and information from upcoming Horror and Fantasy movies. The site also features monthly art galleries, book reviews, biographies, and interviews from all of your favorite artists and writers who are making their voices heard in the genre. This is purely my hobby, and I am not a profesional, so please have patience. And of course, suggestions and comments are welcome.

An In-depth Look at upcoming movies

Sleepy Hollow
Tim Burtons's new telling of the classic Sleepy Hollow tale is set to reach theatres this November and countless wait in eager anticipation. The story of Ichabod Crane and the headless horsemen has often been called America's first horror story, and now with the help of Tim Burton , it will reappear as it's latest. When asked why he decided to take on this this project Burton responded:

"Well, I had been working on something else for [about] a year that didnít happen, and I was just devastated by that. And this producer sent me a script for Sleepy Hollow, and I really liked it. Iíve always liked the story, mainly from the Disney cartoon more than the book. I donít know if it was the names of the characters or the image of the headless horseman that really sticks in your consciousness, but itís something that, like a good fairy tale image or good folklore image or horror image, sort of stays with you for a long time. [The script was] just a good approach to the story." -Cinescape

Director - Tim Burton, Screenwriter - Andrew Kevin Walker , Washington Irving (story), Music: Danny Elfman Cast: Johnny Depp Michael Gambon Michael Gough Richard Griffiths Jeffrey Jones Lisa Marie Ian McDiarmid Ray Park Christina Ricci Miranda Richardson Casper Van Dien Steven Waddington Christopher Walken

Visit the Sleepy Hollow official site to download the trailer, concept sketches, desktops, and more. Further information and screen captures can be found at

Rumors and Gossip
This shot recently turned up on the internet, and is supposedly a shot from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Ring's. This photo taken from the UK's Daily Mirror Who recently did a story on the production, this certainly appears to be the real deal. Click on the image for a larger version.

Hollywood is at it again, re-making movies that dont really need it. The 1950's classic 'THEM' is currently being re-written by Mark Montgomery, while Joe Johnston (Jumanji) is also reported to be involved.

Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez Jr. directors of The Blair Witch Project have said that Artisan plans to make a second Blair Witch Film, but that they will not have anything to do with it. They said that a matter of timing will prevent them from working on the project, since Artisan is in a hurry to cash in on the buzz created by the first film. Artisan is shooting for a Halloween 2000 release, while the two young directors are currently working on a new show for Fox entitled 'Fearsum'. Fox has apparently purchased 13 episodes, which will be about a man running a paranormal and strange occurence website, who finds out that his missing twin brother may still be alive. The show will also coincide with a website that will blur the lines between truth and fact, helping to create the same atmosphere that made the Blair Witch so succesful.

Many people are curious about the upcoming TV show, based on the world of Pern by Anne Mcaffery, especially the special effects used for creating the dragons. The official website at has posted this picture of a CGI dragon for your viewing pleasure. This version of the dragon is not the final version, just a taste of what is in store for the future. Click on the image for a larger version.

Dougray Scott, originaly slated to play Wolverine in the upcoming X-Men movie, has been replaced by Australian actor Hugh Jackman. Previous engagments to Mission Impossible II will prevent Dougray from fulfilling the role . Hugh Jackman has reportedly already began work on the film, learning fight coreography and trying on the costume of everyone's favorite cunucklehead.

Due to the trouble times of East Timor, the New Zealand Army has been called forth to perform it's U.N. duties in war torn Indonesia. The Army was originally was scheduled to appear in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, which means that Jackson will now have to hire a few thousand extras to fill in for the military's role in his production..

Chris Carter, X-Files creator, has not ruled out an 8th season for his award winning series. Carter says that creating stories for another series would be easy, but having David and Gillian in them may be another question. Carter continues, "This is a very good TV show for generating stories. It's one of those lucky, fortunate things that you come across all too infrequently, because good TV ideas are few and far between. I don't want to see this one end before its time, but I also would never want to force it into being if people didn't want to be here telling stories." -Cinescape

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