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 Sci-Fi Entertainment
Sci-Fi Entertainment



Merlin's Manifesto - Movie News last updated 11/24/99
Next update is on 12-04:We now have over 100 trailers for you to download

Greetings and welcome to the latest update from Merlin's Manifesto, your home for the latest and greatest information on upcoming horror and fantasy projects. In this update we take a look at the gothic fairy tale Sleepy Hollow, and we also fess up some juicy tidbits on some lesser known projects like Sci-Fi channels new Dune mini-series, and Sony's Daredevil and Spider Man movies. We will also be updating our biography section (John Carpenter), art gallery (Brom), and bookshelf, so be sure to check them out later in the week..Time to dust off your keyboard and get writing, send us your Sleepy Hollow reviews and you may receive an official Sleepy Hollow movie poster. We will randomly choose a winner from all submissions received so let us have it.

An In-depth Look: Sleepy Hollow
In the early part of this century, silent films told epic stories through images and setting, without a single word being uttered. People would draw their own conclusion through the use of their imagination, not what was force fed to them like in some of today's films. Tim Burton has created a film that is technically stunning, with an atmosphere reminiscent of the old Hammer Films of the 1950's. The setting, costumes, and the musical score by Danny Elfman, create one of the creepiest worlds ever portrayed on film. This feel alone, tells a beautiful story of a town that is being oppressed by a restless evil that stirs in the deepest parts of an old, oak forest. Before we even start to understand the interplay of the characters, we feel an uneasy sense about the town, with it's perpetual cloud cover, and grotesque landscape permeating the atmosphere. Burton has truly achieved a masterpiece in every sense of the word, the visual feel of the movie is so beautiful, that any shortcomings in the script are easily dashed aside.

Other reviews:
Stephanie Zacharek, SALON

Mike Clark, USA TODAY
Jeff Giles, NEWSWEEK
Kenneth Turan, LA TIMES
Danny Elfman's Music

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The Bookshelf
:The Essential Clive Barker
List Price: $27.50 Our Price: $16.50 You Save: $11.00 (40%)
The Essential Clive Barker offers a smorgasbord of dark and fantastic writings from this storytelling genius. Here are snippets from Barker's previously published novels, including Weaveworld and Imajica, as well as four new short stories. A must have for any devoted Barker fan, this compilation is the perfect centerpiece for your collection.

Rumors and Gossip
Filming is set to begin on Sci-FI channels six hour mini-series based on the Frank Herbert story Dune. The project has a budget in the $20M range and starts shooting Monday on location in Prague, the Czech Republic and Tunisia. We can expect to see it air sometime towards the end of 2000.

What's next for director Tim Burton, in a recent interview with Steve Fritz of Mania website, Burton spoke of two projects that he would like to do. The first of these projects is entitled Coversations with Vincent, a documentary about one of Burton favorite people, Vincent Price. The second would be called The Corpse Bride, which would be made with the same stop-animation style used in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Burton did not discuss the plot but did have this to say , "It's a project that I'd love to do. Like Nightmare [Before Christmas], it's another film made using stop motion animation and it's a little ways off I would say. When I first designed Nightmare, it took about ten years to get it done. What most people don't realize is it really takes a lot of time to get the right kind of people together to do a stop motion film. We were really lucky to get Nightmare done at the time it happened. So, with Corpse Bride, I really want to match the talent with the medium, so I'm not quite sure when that's going to happen, especially being that a lot of people who are good at that are usually booked up for years in advance."

Our partners over at Dungeons and Dragons the Movie had these new photos tucked up their sleeves, and it only took 300 gp and a horn of blasting to get them to share. Also be sure to check out their forum which has been known to receive visits from members of the cast and writers.

Sony pictures continued it's efforts to bring more Marvel charcters to the big screen by announcing plans to produce Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. Apparently Sony is very close to signing a deal with Marvel which would bring Daredevil to Sony as a franchise property, like the recently announced Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, and the currently in development Spider Man.

Ain't it cool news got their hands on this cool teaser poster for Jim Carey's The Grinch. Take a close look at it by clicking on the thumbnail, if they use that fur on the rest of Carey, we should be in for a pretty cool movie. We will keep you updated on this project as we hear more.

If I were Sony, who whould I want to direct Spider Man? Well since I'm not, I will just tell you who they are considering. This list recently surfaced from the inside: 1. barry sonnenfeld, 2. david fincher 3. michael bay 4. chris columbus. I personally think that David Fincher is the obvious choice, but apparently Fincher has passed up the job already.

Sci-Fi Universe reports that a team-up of Sony Electronics and Panavision Inc. have won the honor of creating "a prototype 24-frame progressive high-definition digital camera system" for Lucasfilm. This camera system will be tested out over the next few months in preparation for shooting on the next two "Star Wars" films, and will be the culmination of almost two years work by the companies in the relatively new field of "'filmless' filmmaking". Thanks to 'Jeff'. -Dark Horizons

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