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The Brain Depositary: Mr. Burns Site Map    Search

real name:
Charles Montgomery Burns
occupation: Millionare/Power Plant Owner
base of operations: Springfield
height: 5'6
weight: 98 lbs.
eyes: Coal Black
hair: Off White
first appearance: "The Simpsons" animated series by Matt Groening (voice : Harry Shearer) 1989

Mr Burns is a man of average intelligence, and at times his old fashined dialect may even give some the impression he is dull witted. Monty is still a very capable businessman, and his shrewd tactics often land him major deals within the city of Springfield.

Mr. Burns is a poor physical specimen, he continues to baffle modern science by living to the ripe old age of 104. Most of his internal organs are on the verge of giving out, and even the simplest forms of physical exertion are beyond his limits.

A master of business and technology, Burns often uses financial strong arm tactics to manipulate events around him. C. Burns seems to have some type of disorder that causes him to crave world domination and other catastrophes. Often these delusions may lead to environmental damage, injury, and pestilence, since he views these things as "excellent...".


Taken directly from a mental profile obtained at the Titan of Springfield
Patient Name: Charles Montgomery Burns

Marital Status: Single Age 104 years +/-

Case Symptoms: Greed Workaholism Dementia Narcissism, strange affection for stuffed bear "Bobo" ,power freak (i.e. over powering need for complete controll and large amounts of money)

Notes: Many of the patient's symptoms are overlapping, especially greed, workaholism, and power freak. These will all be summerized under Money.

Money: The patient is a cut-throat business man. Sadly, some of his tactics are not healthy. He has a strong urge for more money and most of his life choices are based on the aquisition of more cash. As observed during his owning and operating of a casino, the patient is willing to sacrifice personal hygiene for more money, which generally means working absurdly long hours. The patient displays a true obsession for his job. Mr. Burns' need for money leads to his need for power. He is always trying to hatch a plan that would put everyone (and their pocketbooks) at his mercy. He has tried everything from blotting out the sun to presenting himself as an all powerful god.

Dementia: Although not a strong symptom, the patient's deteriorating mental status could become very serious. Presently, he just seems to forget peoples' names (mainly employee Homer Simpson)

Narcissism: An inflated ego has driven the patient to the top. It has not made him many friends, though.

Strange Affection for "Bobo": The patient lost a stuffed teddy bear that he was very close to at a young age. His reunion with the bear brought back repressed emotions that put him at a greater risk of injury.

Famous Quotes

"I don't like being outdoors Smithers, for one thing, there's too many fat children..."

"Tangle with me, and I'll crush you like a paper cup!"

Smithers: "I'm afraid Robert Goulet hasn't arrived yet, sir."Mr. Burns: "Very well... begin the thawing of Jim Neighbors!"

"Hmmm...who's that goat legged fellow? I like the cut of his jib..."

"As punishment for your desertion, its company policy to give you the plague."

"Schindler and I were like peas in a pod..."

"It was Burns who tried to shroud Springfield in permanent darkness so as to make the town desperately reliant on his nuclear energy, declaring that "since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun." It was Burns who once sought to troll the oceans and "recycle" aquatic life into a delicious, marketable "slurry." And it was Burns, inevitably, who actually tried -- and failed -- to steal candy from a baby." The Boston Phoenix

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