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Evil Dead Video Game - Fans of the Evil Dead Trilogy have long been waiting for a fourth installment in the humorous story of Ash and his battle with minions from the Necronomicon. When asked about the possibility, both director Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell (Ash) remarked that it never would see the light of day , er sorry bad joke.
Lord of the Rings Press Release - Unprecedented in scope, the production breaks new ground in movie-making by filming the three titles in this saga -- The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King - not consecutively but concurrently, as though they were all one giant motion picture production.
The Others - Glen Morgan and James Wong are the executive producers of The Others from DreamWorks Television, in association with NBC Studios. John Brancato and Michael Ferris are series creators and executive producers. Mick Garris directed the pilot episode.
Pitch Black - The teaser portrayed the film as being in the vein of James Cameron's classic sequel Aliens, but with the mystery and suspense of having a murder within the midst of the humans struggling for survival mixed in as a subplot.
Scream 3 - On February 4th the Scream franchise returns to the big screen with the star packed 3rd installment, "Scream 3". Millions will flock to theatres in hopes of getting a laugh and a scare, but is it worth it?
The Tenth Kingdom - Continuing to re-shape the longform programming landscape, NBC brings the multi-part miniseries back to network television after more than a decade with "The 10th Kingdom," an inventive 10-hour fantasy saga and special effects extravaganza from Hallmark Entertainment and award-winning executive producer Robert Halmi, Sr.
The X-Men Revealed - Everyone's favorite team of mutant ass kickers are ready to hit the big screen but oh my god, what's a mutant to wear? We've got the X-Men in costume for you to see, and did we mention that Mystique will be totally nude in the movie, except her naughty parts will not be there, wow thats gotta hurt. In honor of this announcement, I will be attending the premier totally nude, bearing my X chromosome for all to see. -Updated with the new X-Men trailer, including screen shots!

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