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In Depth Look : The 10th Kingdom Site Map     Search

The 10th Kingdom
Part I: Sunday, February 27 (9-11 p.m. ET);
Part II: Monday, February 28 (8-10 p.m. ET);
Part III: Wednesday, March 1 (8-10 p.m. ET);
Part IV: Sunday, March 5 (9-11 p.m. ET);
Part V: Monday, March 6 (8-10 p.m. ET)

Continuing to re-shape the longform programming landscape, NBC brings the multi-part miniseries back to network television after more than a decade with "The 10th Kingdom," an inventive 10-hour fantasy saga and special effects extravaganza from Hallmark Entertainment and award-winning executive producer Robert Halmi, Sr. This clever piece of original storytelling from Emmy winner Simon Moore ("Gulliver's Travels") about a girl (Virginia, a New York waitress), a dog (really an enchanted prince) -- and an alternate reality (entered through a vortex in Central Park) takes the audience on a wild romp through a fantastic dimension where familiar fairytales are reinvented in new -- often hilarious and sometimes sinister -- grown-up terms.

Five-time Emmy winner John Larroquette ("Night Court," "The Practice") heads the stellar cast which includes "Father of the Bride's" Kimberly Williams, Emmy and two-time Oscar winner Dianne Wiest ("Hannah and Her Sisters," "Bullets Over Broadway"), Rutger Hauer ("Merlin," "Blade Runner"), Golden Globe nominee Ed O'Neill ("Married with Children"), Scott Cohen ("Jacob's Ladder," "The Mambo Kings") and Daniel Lapaine ("Brokedown Palace," "Dangerous Beauty"). Emmy winner Camryn Manheim ("The Practice") also stars as Snow White.

A genre-shattering mix of fantasy, sophisticated humor, adventure and intelligence, "The 10th Kingdom" is directed by David Carson ("Star Trek") and Herbert Wise ("I Claudius"). Writer Simon Moore and Brian Eastman ("Diana") are producers.

After Virginia (Williams), a twenty-something waitress who lives in New York City with her ne'er-do-well janitor father, Tony (Larroquette), befriends a stray dog (who turns out to be a bewitched prince) on her way to work at the Grill on the Green restaurant in Central Park, she and her father are transported, via a magic mirror, to the Land of Nine Kingdoms. In this alternate dimension, an evil queen (Wiest) has escaped from the Snow White Memorial Prison and is trying to usurp the throne from Prince Wendell (Lapaine). Virginia and her father get caught up in the intrigue and are pursued by the Troll King (O'Neill), his disgusting children and the queen's evil huntsman (Hauer). They are aided by Wolf (Cohen), a handsome, sardonic and conflicted wolfman who is allied with the queen, but falls in love with Virginia.

As Virginia and Tony try to find their way back to New York (the 10th kingdom), they are caught up in a series of bizarre adventures vaguely reminiscent of familiar fairytale situations -- but always with a slight twist. During their journey, Virginia comes to realize that she has never dealt with her anger over her mother's abandonment of her when she was a child. She also begins to fall in love with Wolf, who is doing a lot of personal growth in order to tame the beast within and win Virginia's trust. With a little advice from an older and wiser Snow White (Manheim), Virginia comes to terms with her feelings about her mother. Now strong and confident, Virginia battles the evil queen, restoring Prince Wendell to his rightful throne. Wolf successfully vanquishes his inner demons, and he and Virginia return to New York where they live happily ever after -- or at least until the next crisis in the Land of the Nine Kingdoms.

"The 10th Kingdom" was filmed in England, Austria, France and Germany.

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