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Welcome to our links page, all of the sites listed below are sites that we have found entertaining and useful, we hope that you will too. If you would like to have your site listed on this page, we encourage you to visit our reciprocal link page, where you can submit your request through an easy to use form. If your site is accepted, your link will appear on this list and your site's banner will be added to our ad rotation with unlimited impressions.
Movie Sites

Ain't it Cool News
A bit annoying and biased at times, but one of the best places on the net to find out the latest on most mainstream movies.

Cinematic Happenings Under Development
A website that will reaffirm your love for humanity and keep you from entering the city with homemade explosives.

Cinema Confidential
A movie zine updated daily with a trend towards the mainstream, part of the glorious UGO network of sites.

Cinescape Online
The website for Cinescape magazine, also one of the most valuable resources for movie information on the web. This site is highly reccomended.

Corona Coming Attractions
Another great site for all of the latest movie news and rumors, nothing fancy just tons of information and relevant content.

Dark Horizons
Garth from Australia runs one of the most popular movie sites on the web, he must have more connections than Ma Bell because he always has the latest info for you from his army of spies.

Dungeons and Dragons the Movie
The best site to find out information on the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie, be sure to join the mailing list here too.

Joe Blo's Movie Emporium
A nice site with lots of reviews and very up to date information. The colors can be a bit harsh on the eyes unless yellow, peach, and teal just happen to be your favorite colors.

A nicely designed movie zine with forums, news, trailers, and more.

Find out what those crazy English people think about movies, it's always nice to get another country's perspective.

The UGO Network
If you have ever found a roll on the floor funny site, or a site that lists all of your favorite episodes from your favorite 70's sitcom, chances are, it is a part of The UGO Network.

Upcoming Horror Movies
Nice site, with updated news, reviews, and trailers. A good place to stop for people interested solely in horror movies, in case you couldn't figure that part out.

Visionary Shotgun
A good website benefits from time, love, and money. We here at Visionary Shotgun have none of those, so this is what you get instead.

Home of the world famous mailing list of the same name, this site is definetly one of the best entertainment sites on the web.

Horror Sites

Betty's Horror Domain - A great spot for macabre web graphics, interactive communities, and mounds of other information related to horror and gothic lifestyles. Home of an excellent webring that is actually worth surfing as well.

Cabinet of Dr. Casey
Acknowledged as the best horror site on the web by any fan, packed with information on any media that relates to horror.

Creature Corner
A good resource for gorehounds and casual horror fans as well.

Dark Side of the Net
The largest collection of Dark Links (over 7500) anywhere on the internet, the lady who runs it is really nice too. If you are looking for anything dark in nature, or you have a website of your won, you must visit this iste.

Dominion 2000
The largest horror movie website on the internet! With more than one hundred movie reviews, dozens of sounds and video clips, and the most up-to-date splatter news - fans of the genre need look no further!
A site not only dedicated to horror movies, but bringing fans of these beloved films to one common place.

Horror Movie Mania
A nice little site with news, actors, video release information, soundtracks, and more.

Horror Online
The Universal Studios page for horror, great content but a bit biased towards their own movies. Lots of great book, tv, comics, and game news here as well.

Misc Links

Gargoyles Lair - Spooky ambience and easy navigation lead you on a tour of frags, wine, gragoyles and more.

Into the Void
A nice site of orignal thoughts and art that tend towards the darker side of life, learn more about this interesting person and the site they have created by visiting today.

Rhavyn's Keep Chainmaille Design
The place to go whenever you get a chink in your armor from battling the hordes of zombies that populate the real world. Information on the history of chainmail and adult toys all in one place, what more do you need?

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