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Merlin's Forum -

No matter if you love the cool fang of nosfertu, or the tainted lifesblood of a lycanthrope, horror films and novels provide us with a gateway to a darker side of the world around us and within. In recent years horror has returned to the levels of popularity, that it once enjoyed at the turn of the century. Writers continually come up with new ways to manipulate our feelings, through the use of shocking imagery and brooding atmosphere. Now with the help of technology and media, writers and directors are able to blur the line between truth and fiction, creating what seems to be real events and actions, performed by people we can relate with, allowing us to assume the role of the charcter in the story. Please join me in a discussion of this most interesting topic, and don't be shy, We want to hear what you have to say. Please no flaming or spamming, but other than that have fun.

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Movie Reviews - So you just got back from seeing a really great film, why not tell us about it, no matter how bad or good. Maybe you are considering going to a film, check here first to see what others have said about it.


Books, Games, and Collectibles - So maybe your wondering if that authentic alien embryo is really worth anything after all. Check in with our resident experts to see what's hot and what's not.


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