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The Brain Depositary: Michael Myers Site Map    Search

real name:
Michael Audrey Myers
occupation: Serial Killer/ Mental Patient
base of operations: Smith's Grove
height: 6'2
weight:185 lbs.
eyes: Dark Brown
hair: Brown
first appearance:Halloween, film by John Carpenter

Michael does not demonstrate any mental handicaps when tested, but his lack of communication hints at damage to one of his primal brain sections. Michael is capable of operating vehicles and other machinery so there does not appear to be any damge to his motor fuctions.

Mike Myers posseses super human strength, capable of feats that are far beyond that of normal man. He also has a limited invulnerability which allows him to shrug off all but the most brutal of attacks. It is suspected that his body heals at a rate far superior to that of other animals, and that given time, he may be able to recover from any injury.

Michael is a cunning hunter and a cruel killer, his direct methods often leave his prey confused and distraught. Micheal is capable of setting basic traps, and has been known to lure his victims to their death using sounds and mimickry.

Halloween Synopsis

It was a cold Halloween night in 1963 when six year old Michael Audrey Myers brutally murdered his 17-year-old sister, Judith Margaret Myers. He was sentenced to the Smith's Grove-Warren County Sanitarium for his brutal crime. There, he remained locked away and dormant for 15 years.

But on October 30, 1978, things are about to change.While being transferred for a court date, a 21-year-old Michael Myers steals a car and escapes Smith's Grove. He returns to his quiet hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, where he follows three young women.

Seventeen-year-old Laurie Strode is a quiet bookworm, preferring babysitting over parties. As she goes about her school day, she finds her mind playing tricks on her. Her friends, Annie and Lynda, are busy thinking about the fun of Halloween night.

That evening, Laurie and Annie are babysitting across the street from each other. Laurie has to keep an eye on comic-loving Tommy Doyle, while Annie watches "little Lindsey Wallace," obsessed with the television. Little do they know, Michael Myers has come home to kill. Carefully, he murders Annie first, followed by Lynda and her boyfriend Bob.

Their only hope is Dr. Loomis, Michael's childhood psychiatrist who has followed Michael's trail back to Haddonfield. Loomis enlists the help of town sheriff Leigh Brackett, who happens to be Annie's father. The duo search the streets, but the bogeyman is close to his prize for the night: Laurie!

A pulsing finale will have horror fans screaming as Michael stalks innocent Laurie, praying that Dr. Loomis will rescue her. He is the only one who knows just what Michael is - pure evil!

Little known facts

Laurie Strode is named after an ex-girlfriend of John Carpenter's. Tommy Doyle's name was from REAR WINDOW and Sam Loomis' name is from PSYCHO.

In Part 6, Debra Strode was named after Debra Hill, John Strode was named after John Carpenter, Tim Strode was named after the writer's own brother, Barry Simms is named after Bob Simms -- Lynda's boyfriend, Other namesakes from the series include Billy Hill, named after Debra Hill, and Jamie Lloyd, named after Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Myers house originally looked how it did throughout most of the original HALLOWEEN. Towards the end of shooting, the cast and crew painted it and fixed it, to make it look like it did in the beginning when Michael kills Judith.

The fire sequence at the end of HALLOWEEN II was filmed twice. Dick Warlock had to walk on fire two times because the first take didn't look right.

Jamie Lee Curtis wore a wig for HALLOWEEN II so that her hair would look the same as it did in the original film.

When Dr. Loomis drives away from Dr. Wynn in the original HALLOWEEN, "Dr. Chance, to ward C please." can be heard over the intercom outside. John Carpenter went under the name of James T. Chance when he edited ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13.

The laundry room that Annie gets trapped in from HALLOWEEN was not in the same backyard as the Wallace house. The laundry room was filmed elsewhere in Hollywood.

Mr. Strode's "Strode Realty" car in the driveway of the original HALLOWEEN was really John Carpenter's car. The "Phelps" service truck belonged to the catering company

The scenes in the original HALLOWEEN in which Annie and Laurie drive to their babysitting jobs were totally improvised, while Debra Hill sat in the back seat with a cameraman recording their talk.

Rumor has it that John Carpenter wore the Michael Myers mask for some of the scenes in HALLOWEEN. Tommy Lee Wallace wore the mask for the "closet scene."

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