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In Depth Look
On February 4th the Scream franchise returns to the big screen with the star packed 3rd installment, "Scream 3". Millions will flock to theatres in hopes of getting a laugh and a scare, but is it worth it? Hollywood's recent trend of sequels and trilogies doesnt paint a pretty picture, but Wes Craven assures us, that this Scream will be the best and the last you get. Judge for yourself, I for one wouldn't mind seeing Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell, and Jenny Mcarthy all in the same movie, of course the one I am picturing doesn't involve much of a plot, just lots of squishy sounds. And talk about cameos, how does Carrie Fisher, and Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) sound to you, pretty good to us.

The Plot
A few years after the events in Scream 2, Gale Weathers has continued the horror franchise called Stab. The third film, Stab 3: Return to Woodsborro, is in the first stages of production when murders begin to happen again.

The Cast
Neve Campbel . David Arquette . Courteney Cox . Roger L. Jackson . Parker Posey . Scott Foley . Matt Keeslar . Deon Richmond . Lance Henriksen . Patrick Dempsey . Emily Mortimer . Jenny McCarthy . Carrie Fisher

For Thought
What many people don't know is that Scream 2 and Scream 3 are not an attempt to take advantage of the success of Scream, but rather are part of the original package. When Kevin Williamson first sold his Scream script to Miramax, he sold a five page outline for two sequels along with it. "I always envisioned it as the Star Wars Trilogy of the horror genre." - Kevin Williamson

The Album
The Scream 3 album promises to be a big seller featuring tracks from: Creed, American Pearl, Finger Eleven, Seven Dust, System of a Down, Static-X, Coal Chamber, Powerman 5000, Fuel, Dope, Orgy, Ear 2000, Slipknot, Full Devil Jacket, Godsmack, Incubus, and Staind. To take a lsiten to the tracks visit this site dedicated to the album.


2 Wallpaperscreated by Craig, the webmaster of the Definitive Scream 3 page, both images are designed for 800 by 600.


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