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Merlin's Theme Archive: Site Map   Search
The Merlin's Manifesto theme section is rapidly growing into one of the largest collections of horror and fantasy desktop themes on the net, in fact this is our most visited page. I will be updating this page often, and hopefully keeping dead links to a minumum. If you find a dead link, or know of a theme that I don't, please contact me using our handy feedback form.
Movie Name File Size
12 Monkeys 1.6 megs
Download Now
The Abyss 1.7 megs
Alien: Ressurection 2.4 megs
Aliens 1.5 megs
American Werewolf in London 0.4 megs
Andromeda Strain .05 megs This months hot download is a new Tomb Raider theme featuring a nude Lara Croft. Includes several different wallpapers in case you don't have much imagination. To download this theme click here and follow the links.
Bad Taste 1.8 megs
Blair Witch Project 2.3 megs
Beetlejuice 4.1 megs
Blade 1.7 megs
Bordello of blood .79 megs To install desktop themes, you'll need these 3 things to use the themes: Windows 95 and up, WinZip 6.0 and up, and Microsoft Plus Pack. If the theme contains MP3 sound files, you will also need 'Media Player' to use a theme.
Bram Stroker's Dracula 4.3 megs
Braveheart 4.0 megs
The Craft 4.4 megs
The Crow 1.5 megs
The Crow: City of Angels .99 megs If you find a dead link or would like to suggest a theme, please use our handy feedback form. With your help we can keep this section free of dead links, and full of quality themes.
Dracula .46 megs
End of Days 2.9 megs
Event Horizon 2.3 megs
The Exorcist 1.0 megs
Fright Night 1.6 megs
The Frighteners .66 megs
From Dusk Till Dawn .89 megs
Ghostbusters 7.2 megs
Godzilla 3.6 megs
The Greenmile 2.9 megs
Halloween 1.5 megs
Hellraiser 1.4 megs
Hellbound 1.7 megs
Highlander 2.7 megs
I Know What You Did Last Summer .47 megs
Independence Day 4.7 megs
Interview with the Vampire 1.0 megs
Indiana Jones 3.0 megs
Jason goes to Hell .96 megs
Jaws .57 megs
Kull the Conquerer .85 megs
Lost in Space 2.5 megs
Mars Attack 1.2 megs
The Matrix 6.1 megs
Mimic .89 megs
Nightmare Before Christmas 1.2 megs
Nightmare on Elm Street 1.3 megs
The Omen 2.4 megs
Phantasm 1.2 megs
Phantasm: Oblivion 1.7 megs
Psycho .60 megs
Puppet Master 2.2 megs
Scream 1.9 megs
Silence of the Lambs 1.2 megs
The Sixth Sense 3.1 megs
Sleepy Hollow 3.8 megs
Spawn 1.8 megs
Starship Troopers 1.4 megs
Young Frankenstein .93 megs
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