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A look at the lives of influential authors, directors, and artists.

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Criminal mind analysis.
A list of tentative movie release dates.

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An archive of themes from all of your favorite genre films.

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Genre movie wallpaper for your own desktop.

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An archive of our past feature stories.

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Archives of our past issues, a great place for a little research.

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A great collection of skins for various programs.

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A list of available trailers and clips from a wide range of movies and TV shows.

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Plenty of gruesome and suspenseful flicks for your browsing.

Apply For Our Award

Our past archive of winners

The Light in the Darkness Award is given only to sites that bring original content to the web in a way that sets istelf apart from the swirling maelstrom of useless information and broken links that we know as the web. We believe that creating a web page is a deep expression of one's individuality, and personality. It is our job to present this information in a positive way that helps to better the internet community as a whole, while helping to provide wider access to often overlooked areas of interest. By strengthening the community of computer geeks, chataholics, and tech freaks out there, you are giving a great gift back to the things that inspired you to build your website in the first place.

No matter if your site is dedicated to a particular film, or the meaning of life, you are eligible to receive this coveted award. However, this is not an easy award to win, it will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and talent to be chosen as a recipient of this award. We want our list of winners to reflect the best the Internet has to offer, so if you have put in the time and effort required to build a wonderful site, we hope to see you amongst our list of winners soon.

To be a little more specific, this is what we are looking for:

Content - If we visit your page, are we inclined to stay and read what you have written? Are there interesting stories and articles for us to read? Pictures to look at? And we don't mean stuff that you have borrowed from other sites, we are talking about original content here.

Design - We realize that not everyone is an artist, but is your site clean and easy to navigate? If we have to figure out how to find your content by looking for buttons and links, chances are we will get bored and leave.

Value - How valuable is your site to the internet community? This is pretty important but very flexible, what is important to one person may not be to another. If you believe your site is a useful resource, chances are, it will show!

So now that you know what we are looking for, you are ready to apply right? If so, simply follow this link to our application where we will ask you a few questions about your site, and why you should receive this award. We will then visit your site, and make a decision based on our criteria and your application. You should hear from us if you have won within a few days of your application. Good Luck, and thanks for finding the Light in the Darkness.

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