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It is hard to say what makes a movie a classic, other than a lasting ability that makes it a favorite among many age groups for many years. Some films scare us with images, others create an atmosphere that can be equally disturbing, either way this list from, is full of movies that should please any horror fanatic young or old.

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Don't Look Now
Enigmatic psychological thriller about British couple in Venice haunted by their child's death. Considered a classic for its eerie atmosphere, once-daring eroticism, shocking climax. Essential viewing for suspense-craving art-house fans.

Runtime: 110 minutes
Rating: R

Rosemary's Baby
Claustrophobic horror/thriller about pregnant woman who thinks she's being stalked by a Satanic cult. Slash-and-gore fans may be disappointed, but this engrossing, creepy classic still entertains fans of psychological horror.

Runtime: 134 minutes
Rating: R

Stylish Italian cult classic about dance student uncovering her new school's bloody sinister side. Though skeptics scoffed at the threadbare plot, its dazzling visual style, gripping suspense thrills horror fans.

Runtime: 92 minutes
Rating: R

Low-budget, now-classic slasher film about masked murderer stalking sexually indulgent teenagers. A huge critical and popular smash, it still provides enough chills, suspense, and blood to please today's genre fans.

Runtime: 93 minutes
Rating: R

Horrifying, riveting tale of alien invading space ship was enormously popular. Critics agree this slime-fest is one of most effective sci-fi/horror films ever. Compulsory viewing for suspense, horror, terror fans.

Runtime: 117 minutes
Rating: R

Hills Have Eyes, The
A middle-American family is menaced by a clan of cannibalistic rural mutants in this gruesome classic. Fans of unsettlingly funny, subversive horror love this imaginative attack on family values.

Runtime: 83 minutes
Rating: R

The Exorcist
Landmark film about young girl battling demonic possession. Though not as gory as today's favorites, this wildly popular, often terrifying spine-tingler remains a must for horror buffs.

Runtime: 118 minutes
Rating: R

Hitcher, The
Tense, grisly thriller follows young traveller menaced by obsessed homicidal hitchhiker. Despite an initial critical drubbing, its fast pace, unnerving ambiance, strong Hauer performance have earned it a cult following.

Runtime: 97 minutes
Rating: R

Evil Dead, The
Influential, ultra-gross horror/thriller about young campers battling body-possessing demons. Despite its shoestring budget, this stylish cult classic's ample gore, oddball humor have made it a favorite among "splatstick" horror/comedy fans.

Runtime: 85 minutes
Rating: NR

Tenant, The
Offbeat cult thriller about man renting apartment in menacing Parisian building. Polanski fans, those who enjoy tense psychological mysteries will relish this immaculate portrait of one man's descent into madness.

Runtime: 126 minutes
Rating: R

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