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It is hard to say what makes a movie a classic, other than a lasting ability that makes it a favorite among many age groups for many years. Some films scare us with images, others create an atmosphere that can be equally disturbing, either way this list from, is full of movies that should please any horror fanatic young or old.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The

Claustrophobic, ultra-low-budget frightfest about cannibals murdering teenagers. Though somewhat dated, this cult hits' imaginative camerawork, unrelenting suspense make it must-viewing for horror fans who appreciate implied more than explicit violence.

Runtime: 83 minutes
Rating: R

Friday the 13th

Now-classic splatter flick about summer camp, where previous counselors were murdered, reopening. Somewhat dated, but its creepy music and gory effects still please horror fans.

Runtime: 95 minutes
Rating: R

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Eerie sci-fi remake about extraterrestrial doppelgangers quietly taking over San Francisco. Well-received by audiences and critics, its chilling tension, pervasive paranoia will terrify sci-fi, horror, and suspense buffs.

Runtime: 115 minutes
Rating: PG

Night of the Living Dead
Low-budget classic about flesh-eating zombies overrunning a small Midwestern town. Still required viewing for serious horror buffs, cult film fans seeking creepy -- though not blatantly gory -- scares.

Runtime: 96 minutes
Rating: NR

Black Christmas
Influential slasher flick has psycho killer stalking sorority sisters during Christmas break. Great cast, lots of chills, and truly shocking ending make this essential viewing for fans of nervewracking horror.

Runtime: 98 minutes
Rating: R

Classic Hitchcock mystery thriller about grisly murders at isolated motel. Critics and audiences still rave over creepy lead performance, tension-filled build-up. A must for fans of suspense, psychological terror.

Runtime: 109 minutes
Rating: R

Two women kill to survive in this feudal era-set Japanese tale. With its mix of harsh poetic realism and mounting supernatural terror, this entertains foreign film buffs, adventurous fantasy/horror fans.

Runtime: 103 minutes
Rating: NR

Blair Witch Project, The
Ingenious (and terrifying) "mockumentary" about film students lost in the woods. Appealing to mainstream and art-house audiences, this is a must-see for fans of atmospheric, frighteningly real suspense.

Rating: R

Serpent and the Rainbow, The
Genuinely scary, if slightly ridiculous, tale of voodoo-studying scientist in Haiti becoming target for practitioners attempting to turn him into a zombie. Unsettling, violent fare for suspense and horror fans.

Runtime: 98 minutes
Rating: R

Shining, The
Chilling, cerebral drama about remote hotel caretaker slowly going insane. Though some viewers found its story cold, this remains a cult favorite, ideal for Jack Nicholson fans, eerie suspense

Runtime: 146 minutes
Rating: R

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