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It is hard to say what makes a movie a classic, other than a lasting ability that makes it a favorite among many age groups for many years. Some films scare us with images, others create an atmosphere that can be equally disturbing, either way this list from, is full of movies that should please any horror fanatic young or old.

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Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
Polished and stylish remake got better reviews than its predecessor due to its infusion of humor, but this ultra-gory tale is for hardened horror/slasher devotees only.

Runtime: 85 minutes
Rating: R

Kiss of the Vampire
Man's wife becomes vampire after attending masquerade at evil-infested manse. One of Hammer's more involving vampire tales compares favorably with studio's more touted flicks. Recommended for chill-seekers.

Runtime: 88 minutes
Rating: NR

Near Dark
Graphically violent, offbeat cult classic about vampires inducting a reluctant new member. With its effects-heavy, fresh approach, bizarre humor, and intense atmospherics, this is very appealing to horror buffs.

Runtime: 95 minutes
Rating: R

Low-budget horror hit about brothers investigating bizarre happenings at the local mortuary. Achieved cult status for its creepy villain, deadly flying sphere, nightmarish feel. Great fun for genre fans.

Runtime: 89 minutes
Rating: R

Gates of Hell
Gruesome Italian-made horror nasty about priest's suicide unleashing evil in New England town. Incoherent, ridiculous, badly made, but considered a cult classic for its extreme gore. Not for the squeamish!

Runtime: 93 minutes
Rating: R

Horror Hotel
Two men discover inn proprietor is a witch actively sacrificing her guests. Atmospheric black-and-white chiller is filled with fog-shrouded vistas. Recommended for genre fans who've tired of blood-soaked, full-color terror.

Runtime: 76 minutes
Rating: R

Haunting, The
Classic chiller relates the terrifying experiences of a group investigating a possibly haunted house. Fine cast and genuinely spooky atmosphere appeal to fans of eerie, Lewtonesque horror.

Runtime: 112 minutes
Rating: G

Maniac stalks small-town teens in this goofy yet violent tribute to horror genre. Gen-X cult classic is favored by midnight movie crowd and thrills horror connoisseurs with its many in-jokes.

Runtime: 100 minutes
Rating: R

Tombs of the Blind Dead
Spanish chiller about girlfriends finding themselves pursued by knight zombies when they stumble upon a desolate castle. Satisfying mix of sex, gore, and kitsch will dazzle fans of drive-in-style Euro-thrillers.

Runtime: 86 minutes
Rating: Not Rated

Brood, The
Sicko horror/fantasy about a malformed woman and her murderous demon progeny. Loaded with graphic violence, this disturbing film is meant to shock, appeals to those seeking outrageous, offensive film experience.

Runtime: 92 minutes
Rating: R

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