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It is hard to say what makes a movie a classic, other than a lasting ability that makes it a favorite among many age groups for many years. Some films scare us with images, others create an atmosphere that can be equally disturbing, either way this list from, is full of movies that should please any horror fanatic young or old.

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Re-Animator Grisly horror film about a scientist re-animating dead tissue has become a cult classic. With its black humor and blood-soaked content, this gore-fest is a must for strong-stomached "splatstick" fans.

Runtime: 86 minutes
Rating: R

It's Alive! Demented cult classic about diabolical, diapered devil-child running amok in L.A. First-rate performances, gore-spattered scares, and abundant camp value expand this sleeper's appeal beyond simply schlock horror fans.

Runtime: 91 minutes
Rating: PG

Dead Alive Graphically violent, very offbeat, action-packed gore fest about a man fighting off zombies, starting with his mother. Critics and fans of horrific special effects love this dark, bloody cult comedy.

Runtime: 97 minutes
Rating: R/UR

Blood Feast Creepy caterer promises authentic Egyptian meal in low-budget gore classic. Bad acting, bad script, bad direction, and bad effects add up to great fun for lovers of psychotronic entertainment.

Runtime: 78 minutes
Rating: NR

Eraserhead Surreal, nightmarish psychological horror film set in neo-Gothic industrial wasteland. Art-house cult favorite is compulsory for fans of non-mainstream fare in mood for bizarre, disturbing film. Not for the squeamish.

Runtime: 90 minutes
Rating: NR

Company of Wolves, The Slow-paced Freudian reading of "Red Riding Hood" fable got mixed reviews, but this rites-of-passage fantasy/chiller pleases fans of werewolf tales and the offbeat with mix of violence.

Runtime: 95 minutes
Rating: R

Freaks Cult classic about band of circus freaks exacting revenge on cruel trapeze artist. Considered one of genre's masterpieces. Offbeat, controversial film is still a must-see for today's underground cinema fans.

Runtime: 66 minutes
Rating: NR

Bride of Chucky Fourth in the "Child's Play" series pairs killer doll Chucky with equally murderous mate. With more laughs than scares, abundant gore, this pleases horror fans in mood for nasty fun.

Runtime: 90 minutes
Rating: R

Crazies, The Lesser-known Romero classic features blood and guts aplenty as small town turns murderous due to plague. Though inferior to director's "Dead" series, fast-moving entertainment is sure to please gore fans.

Runtime: 103 minutes
Rating: R

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Fantasy about mad doctor inducing somnambulist to do evil bidding. Though very dated, this German Expressionist-style film is still considered a visual masterpiece. Must-see for cinema history buffs.

Runtime: 69 minutes
Rating: NR

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